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DO YOUR GIN contains

  • 12 high quality spices from near and far countries
    • Juniper from Germany (3x)
    • Cardamom from Guatemala
    • Cubeb pepper from Indonesia
    • Red pepper from India
    • Licorice from Germany
    • Laurel from Turkey
    • Lavender from France
    • Hibiscus from the Sudan
    • Orange peel from Spain
    • Coriander seeds from Germany
  • 2 gin bottles à 350ml with 2 wooden corks
  • stainless steel hopper
  • 2 filters
  • Instructions with 3 recipes
  • Spice Info Map
  • Recipe labels
  • bottle seal

DO YOUR GIN does not contain

  • raw alcohol (use vodka)
  • your creativity

How to make gin

  1. Buy the alcohol of your choice. For your gin is as neutral as possible alcohol such as vodka or even on 40% alcohol diluted spirit.
  2. Mix the base with squeezed juniper berries. Let them draw for 24 hours in your chosen alcohol. At this step, the gin gets its skeleton.
  3. Now use one of our recipes or put together your own recipe from the spices and add them for another 24 hours. Here you give your gin the personal touch. Then you can strain or filter the gin and immortalize yourself on the label.
  4. Enjoy your own gin.

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